Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Feng Shui Affects Us

Could it be possible that where we live work or sleep affect our lives in a positive or negative way? Have you ever walked into a mall or store and felt so uncomfortable that you wanted to turn right around and leave? Or conversely, have you ever walked into a mall or store and felt so goood, so invited that you wanted to stay and browse? Have you noticed that some shopping centers have continious grand openings for different businesses but none of those businesses ever stay? Have you ever worked or live in a place where you felt sapped of your energy and there was constant dilemmas and dramas? Or on the flip side, have you ever been in someone's home or in an office where everything felt incredibly comfortable and everything you touched seemed to turn to gold.

These occurences are not coincidental. They are a real phenomena that can be attributed to an unseen energy in the environment; an energy that affects us on a daily basis that most of us are unaware. Sometimes depending on specific pivotal moments in our evolving lives, we awaken. In that awakening we begin to see connections between the various influences of our physical environment. Various elements in our environment such as building orientation, sleeping direction, the direction we face while at work, to name a few, affect each of us differently. All edifices are unique just as all people are unique. What may bring fortune and fortitude to one person may not bring the same to someone else; this is a very important concept when learning about the factors that permeate our daily lives. The structure in an office or edifice will support each person differently. Nonetheless, the energy influences in in our surrounding are a very real and tangible force in our lives, and they can easily affect all aspects of health, wealth and relationships.

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