Friday, November 20, 2009

The Importance of the Kitchen

The rule for kitchens is the bad, bad, good theory. The first bad is that the kitchen should be located in one of your four negative directions. The reason being is because it'll burn up the negative chi in that sector. Another bad is that the stove should "press" down on a negative sector. What does that mean? That means that the back of the stove should be going to one of your four negative sectors. The good part is that the stove knobs should activate one of your four good sectors. For example, I am a 9 Gua. My four good directions are north, south, east and southeast. My four negative directions are west, southwest, northeast and northwest. My stove should "press" down (or the back of the stove should face) west, southwest, northeast or northwest. My knobs should face north, south, east or southeast. The last good is that the energy which the stove sits on and activates should be good.

Another tip is that kitchens should never be in the center of homes this indicates high blood pressure and heart related problems. Also, stove tops should never be on an island for these same reasons.

The kitchen is a big indicator of health, wealth and relationship issues. This is one of the most important aspects of the home that needs to be remedied and ensured is properly placed.

Charts can be found on the SOULblog page to calculate Gua number and to see the four good directions and the four negative directions.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Formations That Affect Wealth, Health and Relationships

Feng Shui is all about energy. We are energy. Where we dwell has it's own energy. Feng Shui is about how we are affected by the energy in our environment, specifically in areas where we spend the most amount of time like where we live, sleep and work. Feng Shui encompasses all aspects of the human experience which includes wealth, health and relationships.

The main purveyors of energy are roads, paths, sidewalks, bodies of water (ocean, river, lake, etc.), and mountains (actual and virtual-buildings). Much consideration is given to the external environment because it's not everyday that you can pick up a mountain or a road and move it. The energy of the earth/land is so powerful that it can enhance the human experience or devastate it. The following negative formations make the human experience difficult:

• Extreme slopes or sharp drop-offs on your property indicate unstable money and life.
• T-junctures or T-roads(as indicated the picture)create an overabundance of energy causing the occupants to experience discord, money loss, divorce, accidents and other mishaps.
• A house built on a top of a mountain is vulnerable to the elements. People who occupy these types of properties are susceptible to corporate takeovers, infidelity, financial ruin, and underhanded business partners and employees.
• Roads that are higher than the roof of a home indicate financial difficulty. These homes are vulnerable to cars losing control and ending up on their house.
• Driveways that dive to the main door can create marital conflict and lead to bankruptcy. The energy is too intense for the door to handle.

These are just a few negative formations, keep reading my blogs for more formations to help enhance your human experience. After all, knowledge is power.