Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Your House Sold With Classical Feng Shui

Has your house been on the market for more than 90-days? Have you re-listed your home multiple times in the past few years? Have you lowered the price of your home more than once in hopes of selling it faster? If you're thinking that you've tried everything and all is lost...It's not! It's time to try something new. Classical Feng Shui can help get your home sold. How, you ask? It's simple.

Energetically, we are affected by different environments positively or negatively. Your home tells a story so profound that any visitor who steps foot in your home can feel it on an unconscious level. It's not necessary to know what the occupants have gone through to know that you don't like the way a home feels. Your home is a powerful form of energy that supports you or makes it difficult to thrive. Every person's energy is as different and unique, as edifices. One home may be supporting and flourishing for one person and have the adverse affect on another. The most important aspect in getting your home sold is to make sure that energetically your home follows the basic tenets of Classical Feng Shui.

First, the landforms need to be correct. What does this mean? The home needs to be supported on all sides, including the back of the home for the occupants to thrive. For example, being nestled in between two homes, having a retaining wall in the back and a white picket fence in the front or any other appropriate landscaping will ensure this. The Chinese used symbolic animals to represent this special and very important formation. This formation is called the celestial animals; I refer to them as the celestial brat pack. Basically, in order for occupants to flourish in a home or office all sides of the building need to be embraced or protected by another building, wall, landscaping or any other appropriate enclosure to secure the occupants and eliminate any vulnerability, as shown in the picture.

Second, the front door needs to be a positive energy magnet. The front door denotes how energy is received; this is indicative of how it's supporting you and everyone else walking through the door. If the front door has negative energy, this means that you're not being properly supported and usually indicates several negative events that will happen or have happened. A compass reading can determine the type of energy present. There are many remedies that can be used to redirect or change the negative energy of the front door. Chances are that if the energy is negatively supporting you, it will have the same affect on others. Hence, no one wants to buy someone else's problems. Consumers are very savvy these days. They can easily sense issues the minute they walk in a home and if it doesn't feel good to them...Guess what? They're not going to buy your home.

Third, the arrangement of your furniture will intentionally or inadvertently tap into positive or negative energy, known as chi-life force energy, that can have a constructive or adverse affect on the occupants of the home. It is important when dwelling in a residence that furniture is specifically placed in line with the positive energy patterns of the home. This allows the occupants to receive beneficial chi by activating such amiable sectors. Depending on the sectors activated it can have a positive effect on all aspects of wealth, health and relationships. On the flip side, if the furniture is not properly arranged, it can indicate the opposite is true.

These are simple, yet profound basic tenets that can be followed to ensure a successful sale of your home. These are one of many techniques I use to ensure that my client's home gets sold. When I consult with a client, I utilize these basic principles and I take into consideration, the date of occupancy, the occupant's birth date and the orientation of the building. This allows me to get a clear understanding of the type of energy present in the home and the different steps needed to improve the energy pattern and get the home sold. Each home I visit, presents a new set of challenges that I embrace and look forward to. After all, Feng Shui is about enhancing the human experience so that people can flourish in all areas of wealth, health and relationships.

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