Thursday, February 2, 2012

National and Global Predictions for 2012
It's official the year of the water dragon begins February 4th! On this day the energy officially changes over. We use the solar calendar, because it is more accurate in Feng Shui, than the lunar calendar.
The Southeastern part of the United States may be affected by flooding, earthquakes, and any natural disasters that involve land and water. The Southeastern part of the world, Asia, may be affected by tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes and any natural disasters that involve land and water. Agriculture and farming will thrive.
The Economy
The economy will continue to improve at a slower rate. However, it will be slow-moving because the focus of this year's energy is on water, (water dragon) and typically occur in years which people have a lot of fear. The economic rebound won't be as quick as economist would hope for.With a lot of the focus on the world's economy, the fear will fuel the international and national financial markets to slow down.
Successful Industries
Wood and Earth Related Industries that will thrive: Education, Philosophy, Social Services, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Print Media, Publishing, Bookstores, Farming, Agriculture, Textiles, Fashion, Technicians, Musicians, Broadcast Announcers, Property, Real Estate, Construction, Earthenware, Consultancy, Hotel, Insurance, Architecture, Interior Design, Pottery, Recruitment, Quarry, HR, Handyman, Farmer, OB-GYN, Monks and Clergymen.
Slow Growing Industries
Water Related Industries that May Take a Hit: Sales, Finance, Banking, Freight, Shipping, Spa, Communications, Pub/Bar, Ice Freezing, Tourism, Fishing, Firefighting, Water Produce, Police, Sex Industry, Diplomat, Artist and Painters.
Health Issues
If the Feng Shui is not good in the homes of 2 and 8 Life Gua individuals, be careful with the stomach, bones, joints, spine and skeletal system. There may be an unusually high number of epidemics such as the flu and viruses affecting the lungs and the brain.
People That May be Adversely Affected
While the Year of the Dragon happens every 12 years, the Year of the Water Dragon happens only every 60 years! This means those born in 1952 are coming up on a very significant year--with a mix of blessings and challenges all at once. Those born in the Year of the Rat or Monkey will also have set-backs and misfortune mixed with startling successes. To ensure a great year, make sure your Feng Shui is adjusted for the coming energy. Those born in the Year of the Dog may experience challenges and setbacks this year.
Positive Aspects
The world is not coming to an end! This year may bring a focus to increased spirituality and metaphysical related activities. It'll be a good year financially for 3 and 4 Life Guas, if they have good Feng Shui.
This year the focus will be on government. With the upcoming elections, it's no wonder that the energy matches the political climate of this country. Watch out for tons of governmental scandals to come to the surface. Military leaders, political leaders, CEO's presidents and other leaders of major organizations may all be on display too, with interesting information leaking out to the press and media.
Political Climate
With this year's focus on politics and the military, expect other wars to break out in other parts of the world particularly in the Southeast Asian territory of the world. The war in the Middle East will come to an end but another war could be on the horizon in the Southeastern part of the world.

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