Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annual Feng Shui Energies for 2011

The year of the Metal Rabbit begins February 3, 2011. This year in the southeast the annual “6” energy visits. This indicates money but having to work hard for money. It can also indicate that people living in these homes that are in the entertainment industry, publishing industry, travel industry, textiles and fashion may have a more difficult year financially. In the south, the “2” energy visits, which indicates health problems. If your home faces the South, or you have main exterior doors that face the south or you are sleeping to the south place metal like a metal statue, weights, or a wind chime near the doors or bed to help alleviate any health issues. It can particularly affect 2 and 8 Life Gua people and women in the stomach, reproductive organs, and digestive system. In the southwest, the “4” energy visits which is good for romance, scholarly pursuits, writing and travelling. If you have a southwest facing door, sleep to the southwest or your home faces the southwest this will be a good year to meet a new lover and is also good for getting a book published. This excellent, especially if you have your bedroom located in the southwest. If single, this will give you the opportunity to attract a mate into your life.

The “5” energy visits the east, in the New Year. This is the worst known energy to visit and if activated indicates problems with money, relationships and health. This energy is not strong in the East and will only affect individuals with East facing doors, homes or sleeping to the East. It is only recommended that you place metal there if you’re experiencing difficulties. If you have the wealth energy in the East, it is best to leave the area alone. The West is visited by the “9” energy, which indicates future wealth, such as non-liquid assets like investments in the stock market or promotions. It also is indicative of celebrations, such as weddings and promotions. The Northeast is visited by the “1” energy which is good for money, intellect and sexual energy. The North is visited by the “3” energy and is quite strong this year. If activated this energy indicates gossiping, fighting, arguments and lawsuits. Place metal in these areas if you’re experiencing these issues. If not, leave it alone as metal can weaken the prosperity energy. The Northwest is visited by the “8” energy.

This indicates that homes that face the Northwest, or if you live in a home that has an exterior door that faces the Northwest or you are sleeping to the Northwest, it’ll be a great year for money. These energies can be ‘activated’ by having a door located in these sectors, sleeping to these directions, bedrooms located in these sectors, the stove knobs activating these sectors known as the “fire mouth,” digging into the earth in these sectors, water features such as pools and fountains, and fire elements such as large televisions, fireplaces or outdoor kitchens.

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