Monday, April 5, 2010

Year of the Tiger Predictions

In case you missed my lectures, here's a highlight for the upcoming year of the metal tiger:

Industries That Will Thrive:

• Technology companies, including’s, advancements in futuristic technologies
• Restaurants
• Pottery type businesses
• Entertainment Industry-all aspects of television and film
• Raw Land and development of raw land like commercial properties, shopping centers
• Silver and gold
• Stock Market
• Banking
• Airliners-people will be travelling more or moving more because of the travelling gua, also if you’re home faces The last fifteen degrees of Northeast will be travelling a lot or moving
• Tourism


• Wars can end during this time and small revolutions can also begin during the fire triad.

Rising Female Energy:

• The tiger represents the aggressive female energy
• Women will step into power-51% of America’s wealth is managed by females, will continue to see an increase in female success
• Women going after position of power will get it (ex. Meg Whitman CEO of EBAY going after Gubernatorial race )


• More volcanoe erruptions
• Earthquakes
• Global warming increasing
• Fire mountain releases it’s Chi this year-if you have a mountain near you that has a sharp point like a triangle it can be good or bad luck depending on the location
• drought

Young Energy:

• Rise of successful young people
• Continue to see a new generation of business moguls and successful actors

Health Issues-depending on what Gua you are the, obviously the older you are the more it’ll affect you:

• Bones 2, 8
• Heart 9
• Eyes 9
• Metal Guas careful with lungs 6, 7

People Born in the Year of the Tiger(2010,1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926, 1914)and Monkey:

• Presents challenges and blessings for those born in the year of the tiger, month of the tiger(February), hour of the tiger, day of the tiger, people born in the month of the monkey, hour of the monkey and day of the monkey

Inauspicious directions to dig, renovate, construct, build or activate:

• This includes sprinklers, spas, pools, home renovation, etc. Every year there are certain directions that you cannot disrupt because it disturbs the magnetic energy of the earth. For example, the full moon affects the tides in the ocean. It's the same concept with the earth’s magnetic energy except it affects the land around it. Disturbing this energy can cause divorce, money issues, scandals, etc.:

• All of the SW because of the 5 yellow
• 3k in the entire north and first fifteen degrees of northeast and last fifteen degrees of northwest.
• Year breaker in the the last fifteen degrees of the southwest
• Grand duke in the last fifteen degrees of the northeast
• For example if have a door that faces SW, need to use a wind chime as a counter measure. However, if the prosperity star is visiting leave it alone.
• If need to do something in one of these sectors you need to use the great sun formula for special dates to ensure a good result.

Make sure if you do renovations you consult a feng shui consultant to ensure a good result.

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