Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Interior State of Affairs

In Classical Feng Shui, there are telltale signs of energetic disharmony within the home. Without knowing the energetic reading or natal chart of the home or office, a lot of information can still be derived. The following features in a home or office are known to create discord:

• If there are mirrors in the bedroom and you can see yourself when you sleep this tends to cause fighting and bickering between mates and insomnia.
• If you have wall paper in the bedroom that is too loud or too bright, it will be difficult to get restful sleep. A more “yin” or calming environment is needed in the bedroom.
• Sleeping under horizontal beams that are too close to a person causes problems with the meridian of the body that the beam is covering (i.e. if the beam is above your heart, this can indicate heart problems).
• A bed next to a window or exposed to too much light will often cause sleeplessness. It is best to use black-out drapes to ensure restfulness.
• Stairs too close to the front door may affect the “good luck” of the occupants. The energy has nowhere to collect when entering the front door except for going up the stairs. Staircases should be at least 10 ft. away from the door.
• Stairs that have open risers leak out beneficial chi. It is best to have enclosed stairs so that the chi can travel uniformly and give good luck to the occupants.
• The Chinese believe that a spiral staircase “pierces the earth from heaven,” creating a corkscrew effect. Add light at the top of the staircase to send the energy back to “heaven.”
• More than one set of stairs on the same floor is considered “competing chi.” They should be on opposite sides of the house.
• The bathroom and laundry room should never be located in the center of the house because this indicates kidney and blood problems.
• If a staircase is located in the center of the house, this indicates back, spine and joint problems.
• Homes with split-levels (2-5), not a traditional two story home, indicate that the family is separated, thinking is confused and the life in general is disjointed.

Energetic harmony, whether it be in a home or office, begins with the actual structure and it's relationship to the environment. Picking a home or office based on the physical features is as important as picking it for it's energetic prowess. A home or office must be properly situated, inside and out, as well as have a good energetic chart. One cannot exist without the other.

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